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SIGNALS AND SYSTEMS AREA SEMINAR (EE 590 GRADUATE COLLOQUIUM) FALL 2007 You are cordially invited to The First Signals and Systems Area Seminar Entitled Correlation and Cooperation in Wireless Communications By Sennur Ulukus Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Maryland, College Park The talk will take place on September 6, 2007 4:15pm At 225 EE West
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Talk Abstract: I will talk about two problems involving distributed coding and transmission of correlated data over noisy multiple access channels. In the first setting, two users observe i.i.d. samples of two correlated sources and wish to transmit these samples to a receiver node through a noisy multiple access channel. The goal of the receiver is to reconstruct the two sources with arbitrarily small probability of error. Necessary and sufficient conditions for reliable transmission in this setting are unknown to this day. I will present a new necessary condition based on a new data processing inequality we developed recently.
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