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SEMINAR TITLE: Multi-Input Multi-Output (MIMO); Potential Applications – Myth and Reality ABSTRACT In its relatively short history, research on MIMO communications has reached to a high level of accomplishment with a very rich literature. The great success “STORY” of MIMO in RF communications has certainly motivated the desire of IEEE standards bodies to explore its capabilities in various forms of communications. As communications researchers rush to this potentially promising field, they tend to ignore the many unique properties and constraints of MIMO and start making wishful assumptions. Unfortunately, currently available results for RF communications cannot be applied to practical MIMO links that exhibit their own unique characteristics with underlying different statistical channel models and practical transmission techniques. This seminar is an effort to provide further insights into the performance of single-user MIMO links that ultimately are able to provide the largest achievable capacity, presenting the maximum diversity order achievable through the employment of multiple transmitter/receivers. We further discuss the effect of spatial correlation and demonstrate the necessity of enough transmitter separation and strict requirements to achieve the promised theoretical diversity advantages. Furthermore, we offer examples where the MIMO payoff is not worth the additional hardware costs, today. BIOGRAPHY Dr. Mohsen Kavehrad , is the W. L. Weiss Professor of Electrical Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University . He received his Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from Polytechnic University (formerly; Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute) in 1977. Between 1978 and 1981, he worked for Fairchild Industries (Space Communications
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MKavehrad2007Nov6 - SEMINAR TITLE: Multi-Input Multi-Output...

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