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LW1_Corr - b 0.00057 c 0.4500 6 Describe how you deal with...

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Chem 108 Spring Lecture Worksheet BLB 10 th Ed. Lecture Worksheet 1 Name ___________________________ (Chapter 1 and 2.1-4) Chem 108 Section #_______ Due: Weds. Jan. 16 1. Define the following: (a) mixture (b) element (c) compound 2. (a) Define physical and chemical property and give an example of each. 3. (a) Define physical and chemical change and give an example of each. 4. Using scientific notation, write the following numbers in meters: a) 1 km c) 200 μ m b) 26 cm d) 760 nm 5. How many significant figures are in the following numbers: a) 10.06 b) 0.00057
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Unformatted text preview: b) 0.00057 c) 0.4500 6. Describe how you deal with significant figures in: (a) multiplication/division problems (b) addition/subtraction problems. Chapter 2.1-4 1. What is an atom according to Dalton’s atomic theory? 2. What is the difference between Dalton’s view of an atom and the modern view? (What are the names of the subatomic particles in an atom and where are they?) 3. (a) What is the difference between the mass number and the atomic number? (b) In the symbol, 12 6 C what does the number 12 tell you? What does the number 6 tell you?...
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