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FILM 115 FRI LECTURE NOV 16! “Why We Fight” “band of outsiders” two men in love with same woman. How is it staged? Doesn’t necessarily progress the narration but it lets the narrator give us an insight of the characters “Man’s favorite sport” Intro answers the question “whats man’s fav sport” (girls) and it summarizes the movie The idea of showing pictures, almost pinups, of women playing sports, was by a man in his 70s trying to appeal to the guys and girls in the audience during this era of the 1960s. “Terror in a Texas Town” (1968)
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Unformatted text preview: • Opening sequence. Look storywise and mise en scene • Begins with a shootout on main street, but normally in a western the shootout is the climax of the film. • Bad guy’s face isn’t seen and he’s wearing black which tells us that he is the bad guy • Good guy has a harpoon in his hand, he is a wailer from Sweden and is going to Texas to see why his father stopped writing him and he finds out his father has been murdered. MOVE: Cuban film, not built along classic Hollywood narrative but more along modernist approach....
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