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"Complex Curve Fitting Using Particle Swarm Optimization: An FDTD Application" Abstract: The finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method is often used to analyze propagation through linear isotropic dispersive media. Several accurate and efficient modifications to the FDTD algorithm have been proposed to accommodate such materials characterized by the Debye permittivity model. However, the permittivity of most real materials differs substantially from that described by the Debye model, but because of the characteristics of their time-domain responses it is not possible to model their behavior directly in the FDTD method. This presentation proposes the use of a weighted sum of Debye functions to approximate more general complex permittivity functions. This allows the use of well established FDTD methods to accommodate the more complicated time domain response. A hybrid optimization approach combining particle swarm optimization and linear least squares is used to find the important parameters in the expansion. The presentation will also consider issues of
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  • Fall '07
  • Academic degree, associate professor, Particle swarm optimization, Computational Electromagnetics, Finite-difference time-domain method

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