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Spring 2006 AERSP/STS 55 1/5/06 SPACE SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Instructor : Robert G. Melton 865-1185 (office) 229 Hammond Bldg. T,Th 2:00-4:00 (or by appt) AIM: rgmelton8 Graduate Teaching Peter Hammond Assistant : Office: Office hours: Required Text : Introduction to Space: The Science of Spaceflight , 3rd edition, by Thomas D. Damon, Orbit Book Company, Malabar, FL, 1994. Prerequisites : none Course Web site : (can also be found at the main PSU website:, or by going to ANGEL and selecting this course) Course Description : This course is a study of the development and implementation of spaceflight and space exploration. It includes an introduction to propulsion, orbital and ground telescopes and the electromagnetic spectrum, problems associated with living and working in space, operation of the National Space Transportation System (Space Shuttle), biological and materials research in micro-gravity environments, orbits, remote sensing, the space environment, and life in the universe. Very broadly interdisciplinary, the course covers many different fields of science in understandable ways through the study of topics that, indeed, influence much of our daily life. Only simple algebra and geometry are required. The class will be lecture-based with some use of audio-visual media. There will be three midterm tests, approximately 10 quizzes (online via ANGEL), a project, and a final comprehensive examination. Grading Grading Scale Three tests (in class) Test 1: Feb. 8 Test 2: Mar. 22 Test 3: Apr. 19 25% each Quizzes 10% Project 15% Final comprehensive exam 25% A A- B+ B B- C+ C D F 94-100 90-93 87-89 84-86 80-83 77-79 70-76 60-69 below 60 Your final grade will be calculated using the project grade and the best 3 of the 4 tests grades (including the final exam). Therefore, you may elect not to take one of the tests or the final exam, or you may take all four. Also, your lowest quiz score will be dropped.
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AERSP/STS 55: 2 Academic Integrity : Faculty Senate Rule 49-20 states, in part, “Academic integrity is the pursuit of scholarly activity free from fraud and deception and is an educational objective of this institution.” Faculty are required to clarify the application of this rule to each course: Tests are intended to measure your individual knowledge and understanding; you are not permitted to give or receive any aid except from the instructor or teaching assistant. While taking the online quizzes, you may consult your notes and textbook, but not another person. For the project, I encourage you to study together and to discuss ideas, but the work that you hand in must be your own. You must properly cite references from which you have drawn ideas, figures, text, and quotations. Failure to meet these expectations of integrity will result in, at minimum, a grade of zero for that test or project. All project reports must be submitted using the Turnitin website (, which
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syllabus - Spring 2006 AERSP/STS 55 SPACE SCIENCE &...

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