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Title: Application of high power gyrotrons to material processing by Arne W. Fliflet Abstract: Under development since the 1960's, gyrotrons have become an unparalleled source of high power millimeter-wave radiation. While the primary application has been to tokamak plama heating, other application areas have emerged. The subject of this talk will be research on the application of gyrotrons to millimeter- wave processing of materials at the Naval Research Laboratory. The use of gyrotrons in material processing allows the frequency commonly used in microwave processing, 2.45 GHz, to be increased to 20-100 GHz with similar power levels. This leads to much stronger coupling to many materials, particularly ceramics, and the possibility of very high power densities via focused beams. These features have advantages for the sintering, joining, and coating of advanced ceramic materials. Recent results in each of these areas will be discussed. The direct, volumetric deposition of thermal energy into the
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