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Rules and Regulations 1. Lab Preparation and Precalculations ( Before the lab) Each lab contains an introductory section that provides valuable background material for the lab to be performed that week. Each week, before lab class , students are expected to read the introduction; failure to do so wastes valuable class time. Each lab also contains a “Precalculations” section, with some questions and calculations related to the experiment to be performed. These Precalculations must be done before the lab, and the TA will collect the completed Precalculations for each student at the beginning of lab class . If a student fails to turn in the Precalculations at the beginning of class, he or she will receive a late penalty, as discussed in the Announcements portion of the course website. The Precalculations do not have to be typed; however, students must write legibly . Students must remember to fill in their name, section number, etc. on the cover page of each set of Precalculations. Note that the Precalculations are to be done individually, by each student – not as a lab group , even though the lab reports themselves are written as a group. Students should think of the Precalculations as individual “homework” for the course. 2. Lab Participation To ensure that all students are participating in the lab ( no freeloaders! ), 5% of the final grade will be based on lab participation . At the end of the semester, the instructor or TA of each section will assign a grade from 0 to 100 for each student in the lab, based on how well the student works together with
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Rules_and_Regulations - Rules and Regulations 1. Lab...

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