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Proposal for the Final Project 1. General Information about the Proposal Each group is required to submit a proposal (one per group) in which the group explains what it plans to do for a final project. These proposals will be graded and returned. Typically the final projects are extensions of one of the normal lab experiments. In the past, these have included such things as loss factor measurements of various pipe couplings, elbows, etc., drag and/or lift measurements on various other models (cars, trucks, airplane wings, etc.), hot-wire measurements of a modified or disturbed jet, and flow visualizations or Laser Velocimeter measurements of alternate flow fields. Students should try to be original ! The project can be lots of fun if it is interesting and worthwhile. Final project reports from previous semesters are available for review in the file cabinets in the back room of the lab. These reports are not to be removed from the lab at any time. Students may find it
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