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Spinoza Paper Topics (Second Paper) Your paper should be 4 to 6 pages (1200 to 1800 words) in length. It is due Wednesday, March 5, by 2pm. You should BOTH submit it through “TurnItIn” AND bring a hardcopy to class. You should write on one of the following topics (unless you get prior approval from me to write on a different topic): 1. Spinoza on error. Spinoza thinks that the human mind is part of God’s intellect (see 2p11c, “Hence it follows that the human mind is part of the infinite intellect of God”). This means all of our ideas are also God’s ideas. Prima facie , this raises a question about error. After all, we err and God doesn’t. In 2p35 and 2p35s Spinoza explains how falsity arises. What is the main idea behind this explanation? Work through one of the two examples he gives in 2p35s. Evaluate the plausibility of Spinoza’s account. 2. Spinoza on universals. In 2p40s1 Spinoza provides an account of transcendental notions (e.g., entity, thing, and something) and universals (e.g., man, horse, dog). How does he think universals arise?
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