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Suggestions for Final Projects, ME 83, Spring 2005 Instructions : All groups in ME 83 need to propose a final project. The best projects are those that improve the lab for future semesters. You are encouraged to come up with your own unique idea for a final project . However, listed here are some ideas that Professor Cimbala suggests for possible final projects. These suggested projects are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. In all cases, if you are interested in a suggested project, discuss details with Professor Cimbala and obtain his approval before writing your proposal. Note: I will mark in red when one of these suggested projects is taken – first come, first serve! Note : The Machine Shop (basement of Reber Building) is available for construction of parts for your final project. The machinist can build parts for you. However, depending on his work load, he may not have a very fast turnaround time. Thus it is critical that you get your drawings to him as soon as possible. There is also a student shop area in the basement that you can use, but you need to go through a short training session before you are allowed to use the shop machines. Ask at the Machine Shop the Instrument Room for details. Cost : Low-cost items, like sections of pipe, pipe fittings, elbows, valves, car models, etc. are to be purchased by the students (split the cost among the group members). There is some money available for major purchases (items exceeding about $20). These purchases must be approved by Professor Cimbala, and must be items that have the potential of being used in later semesters. In other words, if you can justify that the item will improve an existing lab or has the potential of becoming part of a new lab, we can use department funds to pay for the item. Allow a week or so for the purchasing process if the item is to be ordered from a catalog or web site. If the item can be purchased at a local store (Houts, Lowes, etc.), Professor Cimbala can purchase it for you with his PSU credit card – sometimes the stores give Penn State a discount, and all Penn State purchases are tax free. New Airfoil for Wind Tunnel Lift Lab
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Suggestions_for_Final_Projects - Suggestions for Final...

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