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Final Project Report 1. General Information about the Final Project Report Each group is required to submit a final project report (one per group). Final project reports are due by 5:00 p.m. on the first day of finals week. Final project reports will be graded by the instructor of the course. Students are welcome to look at their graded report in the instructor's office, but the reports themselves will not be returned. Students are encouraged to make photocopies or electronic copies of their report prior to submission. 2. Specific Format for the Final Project Report The report must be typed, not hand-written (the cover page and sample calculations may be hand- written neatly ). All grammar rules and format rules about figures and tables, as discussed for the lab reports must be followed for the final project report In addition, the following format must be followed: o Cover Page - The title of the final project, the names of all group members and their email addresses, the section number, the TA’s name, etc. The final project report cover page supplied
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