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ME 83 Final Project Report – Spring 2005 Title: Note : All students in a group must discuss the distribution of percent effort, based on how much each individual contributed to the final project itself, and to the writing of the final report. The total percent effort must add up to 100%. In most cases, the contribution is equal among the students (50% each for two students in a group, 33.333. ..% each for three students in a group, etc.). In such cases, the final report grade will be identical for each student in the group. However, if a student does not contribute his/her fair share of the work, his/her percent effort should be lower than that of the other group members. In such cases, the final report grade will still be identical for each student in the group, but the non-contributing student will receive a lower lab participation
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Unformatted text preview: grade, affecting his/her final grade for the course . Name 1: % effort: Email address: ________ Name 2: % effort: Email address: ________ Name 3: % effort: Email address: ________ [Name 4: % effort: Email address: ________ ] Date: Section number: ME 83._____ Group letter: (A, B, . ..) _____ Teaching Assistant's name: ________________________________________ Score (Instructor’s use only) : Overall Project, Level of Difficulty, and Effort _____/10 Procedure _____/10 Following Directions _____/10 Presentation of Results _____/10 Abstract _____/10 Tables and Plots _____/10 Introduction and Objectives _____/10 Discussion and Conclusions; Comprehension _____/10 Experimental Setup _____/10 Neatness, Grammar, and Spelling _____/10 Instructor’s Comments: Total Score: ______/100...
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