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Grading Guidelines for the Final Project Report Each group’s proposal will be graded by the instructor according to the following guidelines: Category Description Points Overall Project, Level of Difficulty, and Effort How does this project compare to those of other groups, and with those of previous years? Was the project worthwhile? Did the group learn something of significance? Did the group put in a reasonable amount of effort? 10 Following Directions Have the instructions for format, etc. of the report been followed? 10 Abstract Does the abstract convey the main purpose and results of the work in a clear and concise manor? 10 Introduction and Objectives Has a literature survey been done, if appropriate, to gain insight into the problem? Has a good introduction been written about the problem at hand? Have clear objectives been identified, and have they been stated concisely? 10 Experimental Setup Has a complete description of the experimental setup, including schematic diagrams and/or sketches, where
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