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Syllabus for Spring Semester 2005 Professor John M. Cimbala 1. General Information Prerequisite: ME 33 or equivalent. Note: ME 33 cannot be taken concurrently ! Format: There will be no formal lectures in this course, since this is a laboratory course, but students are expected to know the fundamentals of fluid mechanics from their prerequisite fluid mechanics course. The instructor and a TA (teaching assistant) are available to answer questions about the labs and the lab reports. Textbook: There is no required textbook for this course, but students should have access to the fluid mechanics textbook they used in their prerequisite fluid mechanics course. Room: All labs are conducted in Room 102 Reber Building. URL: Course Format: There are 10 required lab experiments (one per week), which are rotated among lab groups of two or three individuals. After this, each group of students will perform a final project of their own choosing. 2.
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