Final review que - II God’s Causal Relation to the Universe(30 Explain Spinoza’s views on God’s causal relation to the universe contrasting

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Philosophy 110 Final Exam Review Questions The final exam will consist of the following questions. (I reserve the right to tinker with the last question, depending on how far we get this week.) The exam is closed-book and closed-notes. It will take place on Monday, March 17, from 11:30-2:30 in DODD 146 (i.e., not our usual room). I Spinoza’s Ontology (45%) Explain Spinoza’s ontology, giving special attention to how his views differ from those of other thinkers (Aristotelians and Cartesians) in the period. By Spinoza’s ontology, I have in mind his theory of substance, mode, and God. Here are some questions to keep in mind: Why does Spinoza identify God and substance? Where do human beings fit in? What is Spinoza’s conception of God? What do you think are the most controversial aspects of Spinoza’s theory?
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Unformatted text preview: II God’s Causal Relation to the Universe (30%) Explain Spinoza’s views on God’s causal relation to the universe, contrasting it with the views of his predecessors. What Spinoza’s most important disagreements with his predecessors? Why does Spinoza take the position he does? (Be sure to say something about his views on necessity and contingency, and his account of freedom.) III Spinoza’s Theory of Mind (25%) Discuss Spinoza’s theory of cognition, beginning with God’s cognition and then going on to consider human cognition (be sure to discuss parallelism). Explain Spinoza’s account of sensory/imaginative cognition. What are the three grades of cognition? How does Spinoza’s theory of cognition fit with his account of human blessedness/salvation?...
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