AME101-F07-PS6 - AME 101 Fall 2007 Problem Set #6 Assigned:...

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Unformatted text preview: AME 101 Fall 2007 Problem Set #6 Assigned: Friday, 11/30/2007 Due: Friday, 12/7/2007, 2:00 pm, in my mailbox (OHE 430J). Note earlier due time 2:00 PM not 4:30 PM. As always, no late homework is accepted for credit (you may turn in late homework, however, if you just want it graded.) Note: Since your lowest homework grade will be dropped anyway, if youre satisfied with your other 5 scores, you can skip this assignment. (Though I recommend doing these problems anyway, youll need to know the material for the final exam!) Problem #1 (scrutiny) (15 points) Using the First Law of Thermodynamics I derived the following formula for the exhaust velocity ( v out ) of a new type of rocket engine in terms of the exhaust temperature ( T out ), inlet temperature ( T in ) and specific heat ( C P ): v out = 2 C P ( T in " T out ) The formula has already passed the usual smoke, function and performance tests. (a) For each of the following 4 assumptions, state whether or not this assumption was required to derive the above result, and explain why in 1 or 2 sentences. NO CREDIT WITHOUT EXPLANATION !!!! (i) Steady flow (ii) Ideal gas (iii) Constant specific heat (C P ) (iv) Incompressible fluid (b) List TWO AND ONLY TWO other assumptions, not listed in part (a), that were required to obtain this result. (There are at least 4 other assumptions, but just pick the two that you are most sure of.) Problem #2 (thermodynamics) (15 points) a) How much energy (in Joules) is required to heat 1 gallon of liquid water from 0C to 100C? b) How much methanol (in grams) would need to be burned to release much energy? c) If this quantity of energy were used to raise that gallon water in the earths gravitational field (i.e....
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AME101-F07-PS6 - AME 101 Fall 2007 Problem Set #6 Assigned:...

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