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DEPARTMENT OF SPANISH AND PORTUGUESE SPANISH 150 MIDTERM EXAM STUDY GUIDE The Spanish Language Program Midterm Exam in the Department of Spanish consists of a machine- scored multiple-choice test, a composition exam, and an oral interview. The multiple-choice test includes: Listening Comprehension, Reading Comprehension, and Grammar and Vocabulary. The test consists of 80 items. The exam score is obtained from the scanned NCS sheet. Only the NCS sheet will be graded, No Exceptions. This study guide is to assist you in your preparation for the exam. __________________________________________________________________________________ ___ MULTIPLE CHOICE TEST I. LISTENING COMPREHENSION (20 PTS) Texts based on themes from lessons 6 and 7 in Mosaicos . First, your instructor will read the questions and answers and then the listening text. The texts will be read twice, once slowly, and then once at normal speed. It is advisable to take notes on the content of the text in the margins of your test as your instructor reads. Answer the questions based on the information in the texts.
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