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AME 101, Fall 2007 Final exam review 12/13/2007 The full 120 minutes of time will be allowed. The exam will be open book to the extent of your own notes, the on-line lecture notes and homeworks only. Be sure to show all your work; liberal partial credit will be given if you have the right idea. The material covered on the exam may any material in the lecture part of the class (i.e. I won’t ask anything about SolidEdge or other graphics-oriented subjects.) There will be somewhat more emphasis on the last part of the lecture material (i.e. Energy and thermal systems). Roughly speaking the breakdown of the problems will be as follows (this is not guaranteed) : 1 problem on units and/or scrutiny 1 problem on statics 1 problem on materials/structures 1 problem on fluid mechanics 2 problems on energy and thermal systems The material presented since the last midterm includes First Law of Thermodynamics – conservation of energy o Control mass (fixed mass of material) o Control volume (fixed volume in space) o Types of energy – Internal, kinetic, potential o Types of energy transfers – heat, work o Heating value of fuels o Steady flow Second Law of Thermodynamics – entropy always increases o Heat is always transferred from hot to cold, never the reverse o Carnot cycle engines – best possible efficiency cycle - heat addition at temperature T H , heat rejection at temperature T L ; efficiency η = 1 – T L /T H o Other cycles Otto – model for gasoline-type internal combustion engines Brayton – model for gas turbines Rankine – model for steam turbines Heat transfer
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AME101-F07-FinalStudyGuide - AME 101, Fall 2007 Final exam...

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