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University of Southern California Department of Biological Sciences BISC 315 - Ecology Grading Policy - Bakus Fall 2007 (file: 315 policy) 1. BISC 315 (Ecology) requires that the students learn the topics and techniques listed in the syllabus. Broadly speaking, this includes population ecology, community ecology, energy flow, environmental impact assessments, and various quantitative techniques learned in the field and lab. 2. Students are expected to attend all lectures, labs, and field trips. They are required to complete 3 written research reports (freshwater, marine, terrestrial). Lecture examinations: Approx. 90% of an exam will come from lectures - approx. 10% of an exam from the text, except when text chapters are assigned because of lack of time for coverage in lecture. 3. Students are required to sign and date the sheet of understanding at the end of this handout, as well as complete, sign and turn in a field trip liability form to your TA before the first field trip. 4. The prerequisite for taking BISC 315 is BISC 110L or BISC 111L or BISC 220L or BISC 221L and BISC 112L or BISC 113L or BISC 120L or BISC 121L . BISC 315 is a prerequisite for BISC 474L. It is a required core course for a BA in Environmental Studies with the following subspecialties: Social Sciences, Business (optional), Geography, Public Policy and Management, Biology, Chemistry, and Geology (optional). It is also required for the following: Social Sciences Minor in Environmental Studies and Natural Sciences Minor in Environmental Studies. . 5. No extra credit is available in the course, with rare exceptions. 6. The point breakdown for the course is as follows: Total course points = 1,000 (500 pts lecture, 500 pts lab & field) Midterm I Lecture Exam 150 pts. Midterm II
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bisc315-policy - University of Southern California...

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