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1 INTRODUCTION TO ECOLOGY (BISC 315L) FALL 2007 Syllabus* Lecture Class Number 133445R (file:BISC 315sylb Fall 07) Laboratory Class Numbers 13300R (M) and 13301R (W) Instructor : Gerald J. Bakus, Ph.D. Professor of Biology. ( Course Administrator ) AHF B-4, Tel. (213) 740-5790 Fax 213-740-8123 Email: TA: Gerardo Toro-Farmer AHF M235 Tel. 213-740-5813 Fax 213-740-8123 email: Textbook : Smith & Smith (2006) Elements of Ecology , 6th Edition (paperback) - required Lecture: MW 2-3:30 ZHS 163 Laboratory: MW 3:30-6:20 ZHS 458 or 460 Office Hours: WTh 11-12:30 Course Information: URL: Blackboard: Course Description: Organism-environment interactions; dynamics of populations, communities, and ecosystems; evolutionary forces. Date Lecture Topics Reading (Chapter) Aug. 27 Introduction. Diversity of Ecosystems 1, 23-24 29 Diversity of Ecosystems 25 Sept. 3 Holiday 5 Modeling Ecosystems, Landscape Ecology 19, Handout 10 Sampling Methods, Biometrics, Multivariate Analysis Handouts 12 Biogeography and Biodiversity 26 *** 15 Saturday Fieldtrip - Terrestrial 1 . BRING LUNCH AND WATER.
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This note was uploaded on 07/22/2008 for the course BISC 315 taught by Professor Bakus during the Fall '07 term at USC.

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bisc315-lecture_syllabus - INTRODUCTION TO ECOLOGY (BISC...

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