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Psycho Worksheet - 1. Saul Bass created the credit...

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1. Saul Bass created the credit sequence. The major Cross- Cutting sequence is when Sam and Marion’s sister separate when they leave cabin #1. 2. The major extreme close-up shot is when they zoomed in on the drain of the tub, where all the water and blood had been going down. As they got closer and closer into the drain it transformed into Marion’s eye. 3. Hitchcock kept everything secret about the script by actually having interviews for the mother’s role. 4. Hitchcock wouldn’t let anyone come in after the movie had started. This helped controlled the experience for the audience. 5. Hitchcock casted Janet Leigh as a lead in the film because she was a big actress, and nobody we ever think that a big star would be killed through half of the movie. 6. Hitchcock tried to write mother in the script somewhere but there was no scene for her. He held interviews for mother’s role, but again no scene or role existed mother. 7. The stealing of the $40,000 made changes on Marion’s part. In the beginning of the film we see Marion dressed in all white, just a little innocent women.
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Everything down to her shoes and purse were white, even her gloves. When Marion has stolen the money and has brought it back to her apartment, things seem to change. As she is packing to leave town we see Marion dressed in hues of black and gray. Everything on her is dark. Her purse, shoes and gloves are black. We see that she has down an evil deed and it will stay with her. 8. The major motif in the film is the money. Hitchcock shot the motif with close-ups. Even if the camera had been on an actor or an actress the money was always captured in the picture as well. 9.
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Psycho Worksheet - 1. Saul Bass created the credit...

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