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1 BISC 120L Fall 2006 USC Course Policy and Contract Course BISC 120L (General Biology) requires that the students learn the topics and techniques listed in the syllabus. Broadly speaking, the course covers organismal biology with an emphasis on adaptation, ecology, and evolution. Students are expected to attend all lectures and laboratory sessions. Points may be taken off for not attending lectures or laboratory sessions. Approximately 50% of the lecture examination will come from lectures and 50% from the textbook by Campbell and Reece – Biology (2005) 7 th edition. Students are required to sign and date the sheet of understanding at the end of this handout. Exams The semester will include 2 mid-term examinations. The final examination will emphasize the last third of the course (234 points) but will also include information (66 points) from the earlier part of the course. The lecture examination may consist of multiple choice questions, fill-ins, brief discussions, short essays, definitions, and problems. The lecture examinations will cover lecture material and the laboratory examinations will cover laboratory information. Examinations completed by the student may be photocopied. Students must take at least one midterm lecture examination and the final examination to complete the course. Grading A curve will be produced after each examination and a tentative letter grade given for each student. Final grades are assigned on a curve, determined entirely by the total number of points earned on lecture examinations and in the laboratory. The point system will total 1000 points, as follows: Midterm 1 Lecture Examination = 200 pts Midterm 2 Lecture Examination = 200 pts Final Lecture Examination = 300 pts Laboratory = 300 pts Final grades that are borderline (± 5 pts from the grade cutoff line) will receive a grading decision, based on attendance, effort, participation in the laboratory,
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bisc120-contract - BISC 120L Fall 2006 USC Course Policy...

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