AME514-F06-PS2 - AME 514 Applications of Combustion - Fall...

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AME 514 Applications of Combustion - Fall 2006 Assignment #2; Due Monday 10/23/06, 4:30 pm. Scanned and emailed homework is greatly preferred (please email directly to the grader, David Clayton ([email protected])), but paper copy is acceptable if scanning is too inconvenient . Late homework marked down 10% per day. Part 1: paper review NEW POLICY. ONLY PAPERS ON THE APPROVED LIST BELOW ARE ACCEPTABLE. EXCEPTIONS CAN BE MADE WITH PRIOR APPROVAL FROM PDR. Read any of the research papers listed below. For your convenience, most of the papers are available on the class website in the /Lecture4/ folder (you’re welcome…) Deutschmann, O., Schmidt, R., Behrendt, F., Warnatz, J., Proc. Comb. Inst. 26:1747-1754 (1996). (Excellent paper on catalytic combustion modeling.) Jones, A.R., Lloyd, S. A., Weinberg, F. J., “Combustion in heat exchangers,” Proc. Roy. Soc. Lond. A. 360:97-115 (1978). (Modeling of Swiss roll combustors). Lloyd, S.A., Weinberg, F.J., Nature 251:47-49 (1974); Lloyd, S.A., Weinberg, F.J., Nature 257:367-370 (1975). (Key papers introducing the world to “Swiss roll” combustors. Both papers are very short, treat the two papers as one ). Maruta, K., Muso, K., Takeda, K., Niioka, T., Proc. Combust. Inst. 28:2117-2123 (2000). (Good paper on flameless combustion). Vican, J., Gajdeczko, B. F., Dryer, F. L., Milius, D. L., Aksay, I. A., Yetter, R. A., “Development of a Microreactor as a Thermal Source for MEMS Power generation,” to appear in the Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, Vol. 29 (2002). (Best paper besides PDR’s work on microscale Swiss roll combustion and power generation). T. Hibino, A. Hashimoto, T. Inoue, J.-I. Tokuna, S.-I. Yoshida and M. Sano, “Single-Chamber Solid Oxide Fuel Cells at Intermediate Temperatures with Various Hydrocarbon-Air Mixtures,” Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 147 (8) 2888-2892 (2000) (Key paper on single chamber solid oxide fuel cells; more detail than in the Science paper cited in the lecture notes). K. Fu, A. Knobloch, F. Martinez, D.C. Walther, C. Fernandez-Pello, A.P. Pisano, D. Liepmann, K. Miyaska and K. Maruta, “Design and Experimental Results of Small-Scale Rotary Engines,” Proc. 2001 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE), IMECE2001/MEMS-23924, New York, November 11-16, 2001. (Best published description of the Berkeley rotary engine work). C. M. Spadaccini, J. Lee, S. Lukachko, I. Waitz, A. Mehra, X. Zhang, "High Power Density Silicon Combustion Systems for Micro Gas Turbine Engines," GT-2002-30082, Proceedings of ASME Turbo Expo, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 2002 (paper on the MIT micro gas turbine project, emphasizing the combustion aspects.) Mehra, A., Zhang, X., Ayon, A., Waitz, I., and Schmidt, M., Spadaccini, C., "A 6-Wafer
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This note was uploaded on 07/22/2008 for the course AME 514 taught by Professor Ronney during the Fall '06 term at USC.

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AME514-F06-PS2 - AME 514 Applications of Combustion - Fall...

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