II French revolution

II French revolution - power the government is becoming...

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II French revolution A-Causes 1.Weaknesses of the ancien regimes 2.american revolution French revolution- A political collapse, a series of a weaknesses of this old regime(louis the 14 th ). Louis- created a whole new political system, appointed men who were not of nobility but highly educated, these men were very loyal to him because they owed louie there rank in society. These men who he appointed were crowned nobility for life and they would hold whatever office they were appointed to for life. These new administrators of Louie would use their powers to appoint their sons as administrators, and the nobility begins to gain power and influence. Louis houses all these nobles at Versailles and this is not cheap, he in turn has to sell offices to the bourgeoisies, it becomes a viscous circle in turn he keeps selling these titles in order to keep some sort of revenue coming into the state. So as the two sons come into
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Unformatted text preview: power the government is becoming less and less controllable by the king. During the two sons rule the nobility will increasingly demand more attention and power within the government. Louis XV and the XVI were not as able to control the gov as well as his father. The nobility, both the sword and the robe combine together and become much harder for these two lesser kings to handle. WAR-1686-1713 1733-1815 almost a century of warfare, not only against one country but a variety of them. This is extremely expensive. When America fights great Britain for their independence, this is what bankrupts france. Not only did it make them bankrupt, they dont have anything to show for these wars that they fought. France managed to loose almost all of Canada, islands in the virgin islands, their colonies in India and this angers the bourgeoisies....
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