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Test is 2 essay questions one will be linked to environment and social change. During the industrial rev. there was a quick rise in income Investors in factories, insurance schemers, the financiers of the industrial revolution all saw profit rise first. Soon after the families who are building and running factories also see a large income rise. The third group that benefits next is the most skilled artisans o The reason for this is the are the most skilled person and there is no factory that could produce what they are making o Their products will always have the highest quality and most demand for them. (Luxury goods sought after by the wealthy) Distribution of income by class, there becomes a huge separation in class wealth. Prior to industrial rev. the middle class was huge, but now there is a real separation in income
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Unformatted text preview: that will create the separation we will see in classes by the early 19 th century. Population rapidly rises during industrial rev. and more than half live in the city, but there is 4 times as much productivity therefore this new rise in pop. can be supported. Cities are popping up (Ex. Manchester). Because factories are settling creating a city There becomes the need for fire production, police force, and other social organizations. These are used to maintain order in cities without the help of the army. Sewage facilities are needed. Municipal institutions have to be created in these cities and this takes awhile (epidemics usually spark city authorities to realize the need) We see in the industrial rev. the birth of class. Produced a society in which class conflict was a significant characteristic....
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