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First exam: Chemical Kinetics (Chapter 18 only!) - rates of chemical rxns - integrated rate laws - zero-, first, and second order rxns; - pseudo first or second order kinetics - mechanisms - rate expression <-> mechanism <-> molecularity - rate limiting rxn, fast equilibrium, steady state apprx. - Michaelis-Menten kinetics and catalysis - T-dependence of rxn rates, Arrhenius law - activated complex and activation energy Not required: Kinetics and Chemical Equilibrium Reaction Dynamics (section 18.6) You need to know all definitions, in particular rate (R). Equations and constants will be given to you.
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Tips for Studying for 115b exams -- Start early: the weekend before the exam is a good time. -- Review first material in book and in lecture notes and make sure you understand all the concepts -- Do all problem solving IN WRITING and get the final answer -- First do problems solved in book and in class and make sure you can do them without looking at notes, getting the correct answer. -- Then do as many odd problems as you can, in writing and independently -- Finally do a few even problems and check the answers with me or your friends to gain confidence in doing problems when the answers are not provided.
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ForExam1REview_08 - First exam: Chemical Kinetics (Chapter...

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