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1. (10 pts) (i) (4 pts) Circle the correct statements : a) In a chemical reaction both the catalyzed and uncatalyzed pathways must have the same rate law. X b) The activation energy of the catalyzed reaction is lower than that of the uncatalyzed reaction. c) Increasing the temperature increases the reaction rate because it lowers the activation energy. X d) In heterogeneous catalysis, the reaction rate may not increase even when the concentration of the reactant is increased. (ii) (2 pts) Photodissociation is the most likely outcome if an electron in the molecule is promoted to a (circle the correct answer): a) σ orbital X b) σ * orbital c) π orbital d) nonbonding p orbital
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1 2. (18 pts) (i) (4 pts) Choose the compound(s) that accumulates during the Antarctic Winter and serve as reservoir species of inactive chlorine in heterogeneous catalysis (there may be more than one): a) Cl 2 b) ClO X c) HCl d) CF 3 Cl X e) ClONO 2 (ii) (2 pts) The reason the ozone hole was observed in the South Pole is: (a) More CFC's are produced in the Southern hemisphere X (b) The existence of a Polar Vortex (c) The existence of more NO 2 (d) A greater flux of UV radiation (e) All of the above (iii) (2 pts) In the reaction: O + O 2 + M O 3 + M, M plays the following role: a) It is a catalyst (b) It is an intermediate X (c) It stabilizes the energy rich ozone molecule (d) It dissociates the newly formed ozone. (iv) (4 pts) Write a sequence of reactions that include homogeneous catalysis and are responsible for ozone destruction in the stratosphere.
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115b_samplexam2_08 - 1(10 pts(i(4 pts Circle the correct...

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