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1 CHEMISTRY 115b - ADVANCED GENERAL CHEMISTRY SPRING 2008 FACULTY Lecture and Laboratory: Prof. Hanna Reisler Office: SSC 622 (213) 740-7071 Office hours (when teaching): Tu 4-5, F 2-3 SSC 622 Prof. Anna I. Krylov Office: SSC 409-A (213)740-4929 Office hours (when teaching): Mon 3-4, W 11-12 SSC 409A LECTURE MWF 9-10; SGM 101 TA Jordan Fine Wed 1-2; SSC 616; Arun Sharma TBA SSC 717; Laura Edwards Tues. 2-3; SSC 619 Anna Golubeva Mon. 1-2; SSC 417 Oscar Rebolledo-Mayoral Tues. 11-12; SSC 419 Lee Ch’ng Thurs 12-1; SSC 616 TEXTBOOKS SI Required : 1. “Principles of Modern Chemistry” (6th Edition) by Oxtoby, Gillis and Campion 2. “Chem 115a Laboratory Packet” by USC Advanced General Chemistry Program 3. "Student Response System" clicker. Those of you who already have”educue” clickers do not need to purchase them again. Bring your clicker to SGM 204 to be registered when you purchase your lab packet. Optional : 1. “Study and Problem-Solving Guide” by Freeman This semester Andrew Horning ( is the SI leader. He will conduct review and problem solving sessions at specific times to be announced in class or on the web. For questions about the SI program, please contact Judy Haw ( ), or check the SI webpage at . The SI sessions will begin after the MLK holiday. WEBSITE The Web will be used extensively in this course for instruction, homework, quizzes, and for information and resources. An interactive bulletin board is included. Check it often as well as the messages section. Make sure you have access to the Web.
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2 LECTURES Chapters 18, 20, 13-17, 19 will be covered this semester. The textbook will be supplemented with material relevant to current research topics in chemistry. The order has been changed for better coordination with the Chem 105 sequence. Reading and problem assignments will be given during lecture and posted on the web. Full attendance at all lectures is expected. You
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