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2 - public because public women are prostitutes Men are...

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Society during industrialization Industrialization-Work moves outside the home. In factories for workers Middle class (NOT WORKING CLASS) moves into offices and commercial enterprises separate from the home, family now becomes a emotional and private unit. Provides emotional sustenance comfort and care (what our families are now). o We see the development of separate spheres, it becomes the arena in which men operate, work is pubic the home is private o Men are public women are private o The responsibility of the home was the wife to be the “angel of the house” This makes women out to be passionless, meek, submissive, consequence of their biology. They are meant to stay in their separate sphere, not out in the
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Unformatted text preview: public because public women are prostitutes. Men are looked at as the aggressors, competitors, able to understand and appreciate politics and liberalism…completely the contrast of the “angel of the house”. Men are supposed to be sexually active all the time, which creates a lot of prostitution in Victorian society. Prostitution becomes a whole institution with regulations. Women are supposed to be numb, nothing but perfect housewives. There is a rise in birth rate and these children don’t have anything to do and a lot of time on their hands. They are cared for often by a nanny or relative fathers usually don’t have a lot to do with their children....
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