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AME 436, Prof. Paul Ronney Midterm Exam Study Guide March 19, 2008 Format of the exam The midterm exam will be open book, 90 minutes long. You may use any reference materials you want, but laptops, Pocket PCs, etc. capable of running GASEQ, aircycles4recips.xls, etc. will NOT be permitted. The exam will have three types of questions: (1) numerical problems, for example chemical equilibrium/adiabatic flame temperature, (2) graphical problems, for example P-V and T-S diagrams, and (3) short-answer questions. Material covered The exam may cover any material through the end of section on Unsteady Flow engines (i.e. material on Thrust, Compressible Flow, and Airbreathing Propulsion won’t be on the exam). The material covered on the midterm includes: Classifications of IC engines; advantages and disadvantages of each type Introduction to combustion Fuel types Chemical thermodynamics Stoichiometry Heating value Adiabatic flame temperature Isentropic expansion with frozen and equilibrium products Elementary combustion theory Chemical reaction rates Homogeneous reaction Premixed flames (deflagration) Effects of turbulence Non-premixed flames Unsteady flow engines Design parameters r c , V d , N Performance parameters Indicated and Brake torque, power, MEP Efficiency - thermal, mechanical, volumetric Emissions Ideal-gas cycle analysis
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This note was uploaded on 07/22/2008 for the course AME 436 taught by Professor Ronney during the Spring '08 term at USC.

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AME436-S08-MTStudyGuide - AME 436 Prof Paul Ronney Midterm...

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