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Sample Homework Problem Author: John M. Cimbala, Penn State University Latest revision, 25 July 2007 This is a sample homework problem, illustrating the format in which you are required to submit your homework. Failure to conform to this format will result in a grade penalty. Note : You are not required to type your homework solutions. Consider this sample homework problem statement, which is Problem 2 of a sample homework assignment: 2. (10 pts) A small village draws 1 acre ft/day of water from its reservoir. Convert this water usage to (a) gallons per minute and (b) liters per second. Here is the solution, in the format required for this course: [Comments in red and in square brackets are for your information only – you would not be required to write these.] 2 [Note that the problem number is clearly defined on the page – to make it easier for the grader.] Given : A village uses 1.00 acre ft/day of water. [We use the notation for volume flow rate – the font is used for volume, and is distinguished from the font V used for velocity.]
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