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M E 345 Spring 2008 Professor John M. Cimbala Lecture 12 02/11/2008 Today, we will : Review the pdf module: Response Surface Methodology (RSM) Do some example problems – RSM Example Given : We want to optimize the performance (maximum power P in units of horsepower) of a gasoline engine for a small car. We vary three parameters simultaneously, and measure the engine’s output power for each run with a dynamometer: a = spark plug gap (inches)
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Unformatted text preview: b = spark timing (degrees before TDC top dead center) c = fuel:air mixture (# of turns of the set screw that controls fuel:air mixture) a (inches) b (degrees) c (# turns) P (hp) 0.03 10 156 0.029 9 162 0.029 11 0.25 159 0.031 11-0.25 154 0.031 10 0.25 158 0.03 9-0.25 160 To do : Determine the direction of steepest ascent. Solution : Solution done in Excel see file on course website ....
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