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Brief 2 - Kelsey Jans FRL 201 Brief Case 5.2 Page 100 In re...

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Kelsey Jans FRL 201 1/21/08 Brief: Case 5.2 Page 100 In re the Exxon Valdez In the case In re the Exxon Valdez, the court has to decide whether Exxon was highly reprehensible for their damages as well as determining whether $5 billion would be too high for an award to the plaintiffs. Captain Hazelwood, who was left to monitor the Exxon Valdez had a history of drinking. However, Exxon still allowed Captain Hazelwood to take charge of a vessel. This vessel was as long as three footballs fields and carried about 53 million gallons of crude oil. The Exxon had crashed into Prince William Sound and an estimated 11 million gallons of crude oil was lost. The oil spill had caused entire fisheries to be closed for the 1989 season. Fishing businesses on shore were also affected. Exxon did make an effort to clean up the mess that they caused and spent about $2.1 billion to remove the crude oil from the waters and the beaches of Prince William Sound and other areas. The company even paid up to $303 billion to those fishermen whose livelihood was disrupted. However, the effort that Exxon put forth to clean up the
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