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15 . Given : Matt measures both the shoe size and the weight of 17 football players. He performs a linear regression analysis of shoe size ( y variable) as a function of weight ( x variable). He calculates r xy = 0.582. To do : To what confidence level can Matt state that a football player’s shoe size is correlated with his weight? Give your answer to three significant digits. Solution : 16 . Given : Janet takes 12 temperature measurements ranging
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Unformatted text preview: from 23.0 o C (lowest reading) to 25.7 o C (highest reading). The sample mean of all 12 readings is 24.88 o C, and the sample standard deviation is 1.04 o C. To do : Determine which, if any, of the extreme readings (lowest or highest) is an outlier, and justify your answer by stating δ and τ S for that data point. Solution :...
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