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Kelsey Jans 2/4/08 FRL 201 Brief-Case 8.3: Page 165 Bridgeport Music, Inc. V. Dimension Films In the case Bridgeport Music, Inc. V. Dimension Films, the court has to decide whether a digital sampling of a copyrighted sound recording (of any length) is considered to be copyright infringement. This case demonstrated how far the copyright laws went. Bridgeport Music is known to publish music as well as using musical composition copyrights. Westbound Records distributes sound recordings as well as recording in their studio. Both of these companies own composition and recording copyrights to “Get off your ass and ham”, “ get off”, and “ 100 miles”. The song “ 100 miles” was included in the sound track of the movie “ I got the hook up” which was distributed by No Limit Films. Bridgeport Music and Westbound Records filed a suit in the federal district court against No Limit and others because Bridgeport Music and Westbound Records believed No Limit infringed on their copyright. A summary judgment was issued in the defendants behavior. They believed that
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