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Kelsey Jans FRL 201 2/26/08 Case Brief: 14.2 p. 281 (Ch.14) Vokes V. Arthur Murray Inc. In the case, Vokes V. Arthur Murray Inc., the court has to decide whether the satements made by the instructors at a dance school to one of the schools students qualified as statements of opinion or statements of fact. A woman by the name of Audrey E. Vokes was interested in becoming an “ accomplished dancer” and she also wanted to “ find a new interest in life”. She was invited to attend a “ dance party” at J.P. Davenports “ School of Dancing”, which was one of the many Arthur Murray Inc. franchises. Vokes’s instructor sold her eight half- hour lessons at $14.50 each and these lessons were to be utilized within one calendar month. Vokes bought a total of fourteen dance courses over a period of less than sixteen months which amounted to 2,302 hours of dancing lessons which had cost her a total of $31,090.45. Today this amount would be $128,000. It was very clear that Vokes did not
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