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Focus on Ethics-Page 208 All Questions

Focus on Ethics-Page 208 All Questions - Kelsey Jans FRL201...

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Kelsey Jans FRL201 1/21/08 Focus on Ethics: Page 208: All Questions 1. It is hard to protect privacy rights online today since so many people have access to web pages such as Myspace, Facebook, etc. There are also online diaries or blogs. Online hacking as been more prevalent in the news today as well. However, a person does have the ability to protect their privacy rights on the online world today. It appears as thought most people are not aware of what could happen by not being careful on the internet today. A person should not trust all emails they receive today and should set up a spam filter in their email. A popup blocker should also be installed as well as a spy ware detector. A firewall should always be protecting your computer. It is also a good idea to set up a password for your internet connection, etc. as well as passwords for everything else that is considered important to you on your computer. If a person is more careful about the areas they visit, etc. on the internet, it will prevent the worst from happening.
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