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Questions of Ethics

Questions of Ethics - general zoning restrictions that...

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Kelsey Jans FRL 201 1/15/08 Questions of Ethics 4-10 Pg.96: Answer all Questions A. I neither disagree nor agree with states having their own national standard for tobacco regulations as opposed to states setting their own standards for tobacco regulations. Our country could have a “base” national standard for tobacco regulation. We could have a small law that does not hurt the tobacco companies as well as people in states. States should also set their own standards for tobacco regulation depending on the amount of smokers and the amount of disputes smoking has caused between non smokers and smokers. Every state is different. For example, there might be more smokers in New York than in Montana. New York may need to set standards for tobacco since there are more smokers whereas a state such as Montana might not need a law against tobacco. B. I believe that states and local governments do have a right to adopt
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Unformatted text preview: general zoning restrictions that apply to cigarettes only is the tobacco is creating too much of a problem in an area or if there are too many people smoking. For example, places such as beaches or parks are sometimes littered with cigarettes. The only way to solve this problem of littering is to enforce a general zoning restriction. Another example would be that a restaurant in a state that has many smokers could have an issue between smokers and nonsmokers. A restaurant can loose business if the smell of tobacco is annoying nonsmoking customers. The restaurant can solve the dispute by dedicating space to people who smoke. There could be a “no smoking” zone as well as a “ smoking zone”. We know that there will always be conflicts between nonsmokers and smokers. The only way to solve the problem is to be aware of the opinions on each side of the issue....
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