POSC366 9-11-06 Lecture Noted

POSC366 9-11-06 Lecture Noted - In class notes-Truck...

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In class notes 9/11/06 -Truck bombing form of suicide bombing -belt bombing as well -after 9/11 the poor has gotten poorer the rich has gotten richer -people are very cynical; we have been lied to; you look at the political system with suspicion after you have been lied to 1. pre 9/11 period -all the signs were there -number of attacks against the US, we knew the reasons for it -the political leadership was sleeping, they were more focused on other issues such as oil, there were several attempts and indications during the Clinton administration bc of US foreign policy there was a lot of anger toward the US -we have on record warnings on the Clinton admin. -why haven’t they tried another 9/11? -they constantly threaten the US to do more 9/11 -osama bin laden -the US should withdraw from those countries, only then will their attacks seize -they are not implementing another 9/11 bc they are busy else where - sub-national groups attacking states - two antagonists-one weaker than the other vs. state actor (non govt. group) - two actors; A and B-unequal in terms of power - non-state group A vs. B a state - as you try to model this interactions you make certain assumptions: both sides behave rationally (being selfish; act to maximize self interest), each party has a reaction to the others actions, the well-being of each side depends on the well- being of the other - they may want not to depend on each other, but they are stuck with each other and therefore they are strategically intermitted - game theory forces you to think about the consequences of your actions
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POSC366 9-11-06 Lecture Noted - In class notes-Truck...

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