AMM Journal 5 - This shows us that they try to find the...

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Kelsey Jans AMM 101 Prof. Espy 5/2/07 AMM Journal 5 Journal Question #5 Research Pacific Sunwear. What is the state of the company's business? What are the strengths? What are the weakness? What are the opportunities? What strategies does the company need to develop? It appears as if the company keeps on expanding and expanding. It is in almost every mall in every state. The company generally has a lot of sales in order to get more attention from the public, as well as gaining new customers and more money. The company also has many stores, a great variety of clothing ( many different brands for a customer to choose from) and they also have a website. This store has also been known to introduce some of the famous surf brands that we see today such as Billabong. The company only caters to a small age group from 16-25. They have this quote on their website: "We listen to get the trends, the solutions and find out what we're doing right. The rest, of course, is history."
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Unformatted text preview: This shows us that they try to find the best products for their customers by researching the trends, etc. There are many oppourtunites available at pacsun. A person could move up to the corporate offices. There are store careers such as seasonal team members, sales team members, assistant managers, associate managers, store managers, district managers, regional directors. In the corporate office, there are positions for merchandisers and buyers, designers, distribution, E-commerce, Human Resources, Information Services, Loss prevention/ security, marketing, planning and allocation, real estate/construction, Retail stores/ store management, sourcing and product development, and store operations. I think that the company needs to develop a higher interest in carrying more of a variety in sizes. They could also redesign parts of their website to make access easier for customers. The company could also do more marketing of their own brand....
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AMM Journal 5 - This shows us that they try to find the...

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