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Sample_simultaneous_equation_solver - Set the constraints...

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Sample simultaneous equation solver using Excel: J. M. Cimbala, August 2001 Here is how I set this up to solve three equations simultaneously: Set up cells B27 through D27 with initial guesses (I used 1.0 for each variable) Put formulas in each cell, C20 through C22, as per the equations to its left In the Solver window, choose Cell C20 (RHS of first equation) as the "Target Cell". In the Solver window, set this cell equal to a value of 0.25 (the desired RHS of the equation) In the Solver window, set the "By Changing Cells" range to B27 through D27
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Unformatted text preview: Set the constraints as the other equations, i.e. cell C21=1, and cell C22=1.2 Equation RHS of equation 0.25 1 y+z=1.2 1.2 Values of the unknowns (must provide initial guesses to start the process): x y z 0.46 0.78 0.42 these are the final iterated values, which satisfy the constraints. Verify: First equation: 0.25 Second equation: 1 Third equation: 1.2 Tools-Add-Ins-Solver Add-in-OK Tools-Solver . Solve , and OK (the Keep Solver Solution option should be the default). x-cos(2 π y) = 0.25 x 2 +y 2 +z 2 =1...
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