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AMM Journal 6 - so poor and the coverage is so expensive...

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Journal 6- AMM 101 Research Walmart retail business. What are some of the recent controversial issues that they have have to manage recently in the last couple of years? What category(ies) of their business have they struggled with? Which retail executive have they just announced to their board of directors recently? Walmart had used corporate money to support highly controversial issues such as supporting homosexual activists. They also had a recent promotion sale for a graphic sex- ed manual which supposedly promoted teenage lesbianism. Walmart has also been known to have great prices that have benefited everyday Americans although these corporations have driven out smaller businesses. Walmart has also been known to shortchange its employees on healthcare and therefore has been costing taxpayers in California millions. Walmart gives inadequate benefits therefore the taxpayers have to take care of the health care. Most of Walmart’s healthcare benefits are
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Unformatted text preview: so poor and the coverage is so expensive that many employees choose to go without it and decided to use programs such as Medicaid or hospital charity. These superstores have been known to suck the economic and social life out of many towns. Walmart has been struggling lately in the urban areas of the northeastern United States. Walmart has conquered the value end of retailing therefore its options are becoming limited. Walmart has basically expanded so much that they cannot expand anymore therefore in order for them to grow, they have to sell more merchandise and possibly raise the prices. Since Target has been receiving more customers because of the fact that Target is now coming out with trendy and higher-end items, Walmart has decided to take this step as well. The new retail executive of Walmart is Lee Scott....
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