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Table 1.1 Deaths (all ages) in the United States in 1997 (from National Safety Council, 2000). Deaths due to diseases : (2,168,220 total deaths due to diseases) total cause of death subtotal 726,974 heart disease 539,577 cancer (approx. 150,000 lung cancer, 85% related to smoking) 364,506 other diseases not listed here 159,791 stroke (estimated) 109,029 chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 86,449 pneumonia and influenza 62,636 diabetes mellitus 25,331 nephritis and nephrosis 25,183 chronic liver disease, cirrhosis 22,401 septicemia 16,735 arteriosclerosis 16,516 AIDS (human immunodeficiency virus infection) 13,092 certain conditions originating in prenatal period Accidental deaths : (95,644 total, 5,100 of which were in the workplace) total cause of death subtotal 45,798 transportation accidents motor-vehicle 43,458 air and space transport 734 water transport 758 railway 527 other road vehicle 220 vehicle accidents not elsewhere classifiable 101 15,447 falls 9,587 poisonings by solids and liquids drugs, medicaments, and biologicals 9,099 alcohol 342 other solids and liquids 135 foodstuffs and poisonous plants 11 5,629 other accidental deaths not listed here 3,561 drowning (excluding water transport drowning) 3,490 fire and flames 3,043 complications, misadventures of surgical, medical care 2,180 inhalation and ingestion of objects other than food 1,316 natural and environmental factors excessive cold 501 hunger, thirst, exposure, and neglect 224 excessive heat 182 cataclysmic storms, and floods resulting from storms 136 other injury caused by animal (19 of these from dog bites) 102 poisoning by toxic reaction to venomous animals and plants
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Chapter_01_Tables - Table 1.1 Deaths (all ages) in the...

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