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EE/BIOE 597e PROBLEM SET 3 DUE: 10 APR 2007 Guidelines: 1. Problem set 2 is worth 20% of your Fnal grade and contains four problems that are each worth 5 points. 2. Please submit your solutions on or before 4:30 PM Tuesday April 10. You may submit your solutions in lecture or deposit them in the drop box located outside 121 EE East. 3. The questions are designed to test your basic understanding of the material and should be answered using one or more paragraphs. 4. Your score will directly re±ect the depth, conciseness, and organization of your answers. Simple yes/no answers are not acceptable. Instead, you must build a case by citing relevant facts and interpreting results from the lecture handouts and journal papers. Although it is not necessary to use a word processor, please write neatly so that I can follow your reasoning. 5. You may wish to cite appropriate equations from the lectures notes or journal papers distributed in class; however, you will not need to derive any expressions or perform numeric calculations.
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