Essay #1 - Arozqueta 1 What a Gamble Football has a very...

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Arozqueta  1 What a Gamble! Football has a very unique way of setting risky situations for its contestants. From a long field goal attempt to a fourth and long situation, we can pretty much say that football has it all. Gaining experience through freshman and junior varsity football gave me the confidence to excel my talent at the Varsity level. Although, being a linebacker in Varsity and blitzing the quarterback on a cover two play is a risky situation when playing an important game of the season. The eighth game was an important game for the entire team. It gave us an opportunity to attend the playoffs, something Norwalk (my high school) hasn’t done in ten years. We had never trained so sturdy like we did that eighth week. The first day was like any other day; we watched the film of our upcoming opponent. Mayfair has been a tough team to beat; they had been undefeated in the past two years and that year (my first varsity year 2005-2006) they were looking for their third consecutive undefeated season and a trip to the playoffs. Looking at the
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Essay #1 - Arozqueta 1 What a Gamble Football has a very...

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