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Unformatted text preview: Chemistry 112 Dr. Mary J. Bojan Sections 001 MTWRF 12:45-2:00pm 12:45Phone:865-2895 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: by appt in 203 Whitmore Lab Chem 12 • • • Reviewed basics (Chapters 1-4, 10) Structure effects function Intro to Chemical reactions Chem 13: Look more closely at reactions • • • • Will reaction occur? (Thermodynamics) How fast will it go? (kinetics) What conditions are necessary to facilitate reactions? Aqueous reactions pH buffers solubility Oxidation-reduction reactions Materials Starting point for applications of 21st century TEXTS Brown, LeMay, & Bursten; Chemistry: The LeMay, Bursten; Central Science, 10th ed., 2006. Required. Science, Chem 112 Student Packet Required Wilson Solutions to Exercises in Chemistry, The Central Science, 10th ed. Highly Recommended. Science, • • Lectures • 5x per week, no recitation • There is no such thing as a stupid question! • In-class problem solving • Demonstrations are part of the fun (and also on the exam!) Course Webpage http://courses.chem.psu.edu/chem13/Summer 1. Course Information 2. Syllabus 3. Instructions and deadlines for Computer Based Tests (Select On-Line quizzes) 4. Supplemental reading Homework • Is not collected, but is important preparation for on-line quizzes and midterm exams • Office hours and tutoring sessions are a good time to discuss homework problems Note: the Supplemental Homework problems are also posted here. We will post announcements and other supplemental materials as it becomes available. Also: Check ANGEL for postings Grading Exams: Homework and Quizzes Breakdown: Midterm Exam 1 22.5% Monday, 6/4 at 12:45 pm Midterm Exam 2 22.5% Monday, 6/18 at 12:45 pm Final Exam 32.5% Monday, July 2 Time: TBA Note the dates and times of these exams NOW! Basic Skills Tests Unit (Chapter) Quizzes 22.5% 77.5% 22.5% Computer Based Quizzes How to access the quizzes: details in student packet: or on Web: On-Line quiz. There are two kinds of quizzes on the Chem 13 Test site. 1. Basic Skills Tests. You must score 100% on each of these to earn credit. You may take these tests as many times as you like prior to the deadline, but you will only get credit if you score 100% on the quiz. 2. Chapter Quizzes: Your grade for each quiz will be the highest of three attempts. Details are given in the On-line Quiz instruction sheet. Note there is a daily request limit of 8 tests per day. Basic Skills Quizzes You may take these quizzes as many times as you like, but in order to get credit for the Basic Skills Tests, you must get 100% by the deadline in the table below. Chem 13 Unit Quizzes • You will only have access to these quizzes for several days • Beginning and end dates for the tests are given in the table (next page). • Each quiz will be unique. • Each test will have 6 or 7 questions and should take about 15 –30 minutes to complete. • You will have a 60 minute time limit for each test. • Your grade for the quiz will be the highest of your three attempts, even if it is your first attempt. NOTE: Each DAY starts and ends at MIDNIGHT. The time of the attempt is the TIME of FINAL submission (not the time you begin the quiz), so if you start a quiz at 11:30pm on May 23 but finish and submit the quiz after midnight it will not count if the deadline was midnight on the 23rd. Basic Skills Test 1. Nomenclature of Ions, Molecular Compounds and Ionic Compounds 2. Aqueous Chemicals and Net Ionic Equations 3. Basic Acid-Base chemistry (pH) X. Concentration and Dilution 4. Oxidation numbers and redox reactions 5. Bonding in Solids, Intermolecular Forces Due date for completion May 23 Material Covered Section 2.6-2.8 (Exam 1) Sec. 4.1-4.4 (Exam 1) Section 16.1-4 (Exam 1) Section 4.5 (Exam 2) Section 4.4 and Section 20.1-2 (Exam 2) Chapter 11 (Exam 3) May 26 May 29 Jun. 6 Jun. 12 Jun. 23 Chem 13 Quizzes Quiz Topic 1. Kinetics 2. Gas phase Equilibria 3. Acid-Base chemistry 4. Buffers, Titration 5. Solubility 6. Thermochemistry 7. Electrochemistry 8. Periodicity and Transition Metals 9. Nuclear 10. Periodicity, pblock 11. Mod. Materials Polymers, metals, ceramics 12. Review 1 Beginning date May 23 May 26 May 30 Jun. 5 Jun. 6 Jun. 8 Jun. 13 Jun. 18 Jun. 20 Jun. 26 Jun. 27 Due date for completion May 25 May 29 Jun. 1 Jun. 7 Jun. 8 Jun. 10 Jun. 15 Jun. 20 Jun. 22 Jun. 28 Jun. 29 Material Covered Chapter 14 Exam 1 Chapter 15 Exam 1 Chapter 16 Exam 1 Chapter 17 Exam 2 Chapter 17 Exam 2 Chapter 19 Exam 2 Chapter 20 Exam 2 Chapter 7, 23, 24 Exam 3 Chapter 21 Exam 3 Chapter 11,12, 22 Exam 3 Chapters 12,23,24 Exam 3 Chapts. 14, 15, 16, 17 Chapts. 19, 20, 21 How to succeed in Chem 13 1. Read text AND do all Chapter (text book) problems BEFORE the lecture. 2. Get lecture notes and try any questions before lecture. 3. Do supplemental multiple choice problems after the lecture. 4. Pay attention to on-line quiz deadlines. There will be no make-ups or second chances. 5. DO NOT put things off until the last minute or get behind. Jun. 19 Jun. 28 13. Review 2 Jun. 21 Jun. 28 Four keys to success in Chem 13 • Manage your time I expect ~20 hrs per week consistently (lecture, reading, homework, quizzes) • Come to class Sounds obvious (?!) • Seek help Do not wait to get help! If you fall behind in this class, you will be in serious trouble! Get help from me, and the TAs, in the Chemistry Resource Room (211 Whitmore) • Choose your friends wisely Cooperative study groups - OK to do homework together You must do quizzes on your own. Getting Help Office Hours: Dr. Bojan [email protected] by appt. [email protected] [email protected] Angel Davey Keith Krise Weds and Fri. Tues. and Thurs. 2:20 pm - 3:35 pm 109 Osmond 3:35 am - 5:10pm 105 Osmond See Schedule of Activities posted on the web ...
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