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EE 350 PROBLEM SET 3 DUE: 5 Oct 2007 Reading assignment: Lathi Sections 2.3 and 2.4 Carefully read section 2.4-2 in the text which presents a graphical interpretation of convolution. This approach yields signiFcant insight to the convolution operation and is an important tool that will be used in technical electives such as Introduction to Communications (EE 367), Discrete-Time Systems Analysis (EE 351), and ±undamentals of Digital Signal Processing (EE 453). Recitations sections will meet during the week of September 24. Problem 17: (30 points) In this problem you will use experimental data to estimate the capacitance and inductance used in Laboratory #1. Using these estimated component values, you will compare the simulated and measured zero-state unit-step response of the series RLC circuit for three di²erent values of series resistance. 1. (6 points) In problem 11 you determined that the rise-time t r of a Frst-order system is related to the time constant τ as t r = τ ln(9) . This result can be used to predict the rise-time, or estimate the time constant given the rise-time. The latter fact enables you to determine the value of the inductor and capacitor used in Laboratory #1. The MATLAB command fnd provides a convenient tool for determining the rise-time from experimental data. ±or example, suppose the vector y contains the unit-step response recorded at time instants deFned in a corresponding vector t . The following MATLAB code estimates t r : >> yf = y(end); >> ind = Fnd((y > =0 . 1 yf)&(y < . 9 yf)); >> tr = max( t(ind) ) - min( t(ind) );
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ps4 - EE 350 PROBLEM SET 3 DUE 5 Oct 2007 Reading...

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