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America top ag producer - Receipt 44087708 Kelsey Jans Prof...

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Receipt #: 44087708 Kelsey Jans Prof. Parker Ag 101 4/8/07 America: The Top Agriculture Producer in the World Over the past several decades, America has developed into one of the top agricultural producers in the world. There are four reasons as to why America gained so much power in the agricultural world before 1917. Americans have increased the number of technological devices, we use different types of labor and transportation, we depend on certain acts, and we depend on the government’s influence and education. The number of technological devices have increased throughout time in America. There are many inventions before 1917 that have enabled America to take the lead in agricultural production. These inventions include: the portable steam engine, the cotton gin, the John Deere steel plow, and the power loom. The cotton gin was considered to be one of the most important technological devices since America was one of the sole producers of cotton. Other countries such as England did not have the climate to produce this crop; therefore these countries were dependent on America’s production of cotton. The cotton gin enabled the seeds (which are usually sticky and hard to remove) to be removed quickly. Before the cotton gin, cotton was
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America top ag producer - Receipt 44087708 Kelsey Jans Prof...

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