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Unformatted text preview: Example Problem Diffuser Given: Water ( = 1000 kg/m , = 1.00 10-3 kg/ms) flows through a horizontal diffuser, as sketched. The flow is fully developed at both locations 1 and 2. The inner diameter changes from d to D through the diffuser. The outlet of the diffuser is open to atmospheric pressure. 3 2 1 d V1 D 10 Given information: d = 1.2 cm D = 2.0 cm = 2 10o = 20o ( is the total included angle) V1 = 6.0 m/s P2 = Patm 1 = 1.06 and 2 = 1.06 (fully developed turbulent pipe flow) To do: Calculate the gage pressure at location 1 and discuss. Solution: To be done in class. o 10o V2 ...
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